A small family business BIG on Beads!

At Bead dot Deals quality and customer satisfaction are our integral core values.

We're a family owned and operated small business from the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee with an exclusive framework for providing you the highest quality glass beads for your art applications. Perfectly suited for Lamp work, Glass Fusing, Quilting, Embroidery, Jewelry Making, or Bead working of any kind; our service to you is to provide a wide and growing selection of beads and beading supply. 

We started our journey by sampling and testing the world's suppliers of beads to provide you with the highest quality glass seed beads in a large selection of colors and sizes.

We then looked to the world, including our own back yard in the Cherokee National Forest, to find inspirations for product development:

 Bead dot Deals Ghostly Indigo Indigo Bunting
Bead dot Deals - Ghostly Indigo Bead dot Deals - Indigo Bunting - Inspiration for Ghostly Indigo

What really sets us apart from other bead suppliers is our culture of continuous improvement. We were not satisfied with leaving product quality up to "the best of the best" global suppliers; once received our beads undergo rigorous quality assurance and are hand processed for removal of defects or broken pieces then pressure cleaned as needed at >200deg F using a proprietary in-house developed method. Our quality assurance process is there to remove any problems or impurities encountered by the manufacturing process so that they do not get passed on to you, a cost that most suppliers simply refuse to bear. What is left are the highest quality most vibrantly stunning beads available today.

We then hand package and weigh each customer's bead order as they are placed and rushed to your door. This ensures your product will never come from old milled beads that have faded over time from sitting on a shelf.

At Bead dot Deals your beads will never be treated like big-box store stock. We love our beads for our customers and we know that they will too; your satisfaction guaranteed!



"Just Bead It!"