Glass Seed Beads - Color: Coconut

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Bead dot Deals selectively sourced beads are ideal for Bead work, Jewelry making, Lamp work and other Art applications. Unique variations ensure you will always have the perfect bead for applying your craft. All our products are processed and packaged by hand to guarantee the highest quality. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed!

  • Bead Description "Coconut": A brown translucent round bead made of high quality glass cut with a hole through the center.
  • Available Bead Sizes in this color are: 6/0 (3.6mm), 8/0 (3.0mm), 12/0 (1.9mm). Each bead is perfectly unique, measurements listed are the average diameter of a single bead.
  • Bag this color in sizes: Small - 1/8 lb. (60g), Medium - 1/4 lb. (120g), Large - 1/2 lb. (240g). Processed product is packaged in high quality clear resealable plastic bags.
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