Bead Round - Color: Rainbow Antique Tulip

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Bead Rounds from Bead dot Deals - Color: Rainbow Antique Tulip

The bead round is a container hand packed full of the beads of your choice. Perfectly sized so that you can grow your palette and expand your craft!

Container dimensions: 1.5"x.75" Round 

Net wt.: Approx. 20g

Bead Description "Rainbow Antique Tulip": A rainbow blended yellow-base opaque round bead made of high quality glass cut with a hole through the center.

Available Bead Sizes in this color are:

  • 6/0 (3.6mm)
  • 8/0 (3.0mm)
  • 12/0 (1.9mm)

Each bead is perfectly unique, measurements listed are the average diameter of a single bead.

(Pictured product is Size: 6/0)